3 Keys for Healthy Climbing Hands

This is your quick guide to keeping your hands healthy for climbing! Your skin is vital for maintaining good contact on the climbing holds, so good maintenance is vital for long-term fun.


1. Trim your nails.

This is super important! It is very difficult to grab smaller holds when you have giant nails hanging from your fingers. Too long and you bump into the wall; too short and your fingertips will hurt and you still can't climb. Make sure you round each nail as well so that you don't have corners.

2. Moisturize. Wait... what?

Yes! There is a delicate balance with moisturizing, but chalk will often leave your hands too dry and can lead to cracked, dry hands which will put you OUT of commission for at least a week. Take time about 2 hours before you climb to moisturize without wax. This should leave your hands very moist (not stick or clammy) when you climb and it will keep your hands ready to climb long-term.


3. Wash your hands.

This may seem redundant, but it helps get that chalk off your hands. Not only that, but everyone else at the gym has touched the same climbing holds that you just used. Who knows who was sick! Get those germs off your hands before you drive home. If you want to re-moisturize as well, this would be the time.

That's it! Your hands will be happy campers and you will be happy you

Drew Arnold