Where dreams become reality...

...insert freak-out statement!

I was recently asked in an interview what was a challenge I had to overcome in starting this business. I think the biggest turning point for this business was the first time I had to actually had to buy something really BIG. October 24, 2016 I had to drop $350 for the Climbing Wall Association yearly dues. Before that, it was all on paper (for the most part). Theory turned into reality. I went from putting small amounts of cash on things to giant chunks of change to big ticket items. While I knew the direction we were headed, it didn't feel quite as real as ACTUALLY paying for something. Suddenly, my every-day decisions involved throwing money at BIG things that, if I got it wrong, would personally cost me. I am fiscally conservative, so it was difficult for me to spend the money.

As the build process continues, it is fun to see how my small offerings can turn into something epic! I can't wait to share this Mobile Unit with Lakeland.

Drew Arnold